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Translucent Jade Carved Buddha(Guan Yin) pandent with multi color jade beads necklace 和田玉

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  • Material: Jade
  • Dimension: Pandent 44.7x27.1x16mm Necklace without Pandent 323.84mm / Pandent 1.76x1.06x0.63inch Necklace without Pandent Necklace without Pandent 12.75inch long
  • Weight:  68.87g/2.42oz
  • File No: 5242021EL004
  • Category: JADE
  • V No: ECHOL001


  • 材料:和田玉  
  • 尺寸:吊坠 44.7x27.1x16毫米/1.76x1.06x0.63英寸 项链323.84毫米 /12.75英寸
  • 重量:68.87克/2.42盎司